Vinyl Roof Repair

Published: 13th March 2009
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A vinyl roof will need some vinyl roof repair sooner or later. If you own a classic car or any car, there will be days that the roof will get a scratch or start to peel. Take a look in this informative article on vinyl roof repair and learn a few steps to do this yourself.

First of all, vinyl roof repair is not just a matter of removing old vinyl and replacing it. If you attempt to remove old vinyl you will find it has cement on the backside. There is also a bit of padding on most vinyl roofs. What you will want to do is repair one section of your vinyl roof, if the damage is small enough to do so. If you have a large amount of damage, you may want to look into getting the whole roof repaired through replacement.

Once you determine if your vinyl roof repair is going to be a whole roof or a small repair, you can start by looking around for one of those kits that do this very thing. The vinyl roof repair kits can mend upholstery, dashes and the roof of the car. They have a wide assortment of colors for the vinyl in the kit that should match the color of the vinyl on your roof. The kit for vinyl roof repair will also have some graining sheets to match the grain of your vinyl roof.

The vinyl in the vinyl roof repair kit is in liquid form. You choose the color that matches your roof and then use heat to " cure " it and solidify it. This is done to cover over the damage and fill in the crack or hole or whatever damage you have. If you can match the color and the grain before you start, your work is half done. In the time you have taken to read this article, you could have made the vinyl roof repair on your car. The graining sheet is used, similar to using a towel over clothes when you use an ironing board. Think of the roof of your car as the ironing board, the liquid vinyl ( make sure you chose the right color ) and the graining sheet face down on the liquid vinyl. When you apply the heat, the grain of the graining sheet is imprinted on the liquid vinyl. The vinyl also hardens with the heat, and then you remove the heat and the vinyl roof repair graining sheet. It should look nearly perfect, but practice will be needed if it is your first time.

Great, even perfect vinyl roof repair can be seen with one of these kits and they are cost-effective. Having someone else do it may cost you less in time, but that part of process is up to you. If you are the do-it-yourself type, try this form of vinyl roof repair and see if you can do as good a job as the vinyl repairman.

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